Nori Goes to the Country

Nori preceded Precious. She was quite a young kitten when she came to live in our house . Dear old Junior had died at the venerable age of 20, and Miso seemed a bit lonely. Nori and Miso got on very well right from the start. They were both young and wanted lots of play time.

Some of my best memories of Nori come from time spent at our cottage in Refuge Cove. When Nori started going out, it was a NEW experience for her. The terrain at the cove is quite challenging enough to humans and so it was to Nori. She had never been outside and suddenly she was confronted with all kinds of terrain variations. She seemed a bit clumsy and fearful, but she followed me and Miso around and did what he did and it soon got easier. The tree climbing was fun and many a time we would see Nori practicing her tree climbing with great determination. (Tree climbing is an essential outdoor cat skill as it saves a cat's life many a time.) Nori also had a hard time with water. This probably goes back to some of the early unpleasant sessions in the tub to eliminate fleas. Poor Nori was quite infested and when I got her home that first day. I had to give her a bath right away. This did not give her a sense of security in the water area. Cats are rather water phobic anyway but these sessions did not help! But eventually she learned to overcome her fear of water and would accompany Miso, Richard, and I down to our beach for our daily swim; -that is, Richard and I swam, and the cats would sit under the sun parasol and watch us. I spend a lot of time in the warm season on the beach, and Nori and Miso always accompanied me.

One of my favorite memories of Nori is the way she liked to hang out in the garden. She was of a more cautious nature than Miso and liked to position herself half in and half out of the garden. This was because some of our gardens are raised beds on legs and they provided a perfect place to lie under and watch and rest and not feel too exposed. The photo to the left shows her in that place.

In the morning, when we had our tea and would read in bed, Nori would be tucked-in right between us emitting sweet groans and sighs of pleasure. I have never heard such strange sounds from a cat , but that was just Nori's way of being.

We only had Nori for about a year, but she is still remembered with love and we do have a Nori Memorial Garden beside the cottage in the Cove. There is a buddlea bush planted in her memory, and a cedar garden bench beside that bush.