The Timid Daisy

In ancient times the Siamese cat was a Temple guardian. In modern times they are known for loyalty and devotion. We certainly found these traits in little Daisy.

At the time Daisy joined our household we had Shadow and Junior, the two boys. Two boys who did not get on at all. When Daisy came they united to be good fathers and teach her all they knew.

It happened one day when I was out shopping for the weekly groceries. I came out of the store with my loaded cart , and noticed a little girl standing by the door. She came up to me and said. "Would you like a Kitten?" I was taken aback but automatically stepped over to the box lying on the ground. I peered in and saw a squirming heap of kittens. Most appears to be black and white, but my eye was caught by the sight of what appeared to be a Siamese kitten in with them. I picked it up and had a good look. The little tike was all white with pale blue eyes. Yes, it looked Siamese Al right and I quickly checked the sex and found it a her. I found myself saying" I will take this one". I popped the kitten into one of the paper shopping bags and wheeled away to my car. I was saying to myself "Carol you are mad, Richard will be annoyed and it will ruin the day". Despite my misgivings I continued home. I forget to mention that I did ask the little girl about the kittens but she would not say a word. Just the usual case of an un nuetered female and too many kittens I supposed.

Back home all was quiet, as it was early afternoon on a weekday. I tucked the dear little scrap into a warm sweater. She tunneled into the sleeve and went to sleep. She seemed so very tiny. It was hard to estimate her age. I have never since or before adopted such a tiny kitten.

When Richard came home I decided to get it over with and I took him into the bedroom and showed him my new cat. As predicted he hit the roof. I found myself saying." Its ok. I will take her to the S.P.C.A. as a kitten this small and Siamese into the bargain, she will be promptly adopted." Richard caved in straight away. After all, who could resist the little dear. That night she wormed her way down to our feet under the blankets and that's where she slept for many a month until she was a bit bigger.

Shadow and Junior took her into their fierce furry hearts. They loved to play with her and I had to rescue her frequently as she was so tiny. But she seemed quite feisty for such a little one. Misha and Dana just adored her and we would put her in the Kleenex box on the table while we were eating. This kept her from our plates. It seems she could digest just about anything, which made me wonder if she was just the runt rather than very young.

Dana got to choose her name as Shadow had been named by Misha, and now it was Dana's turn. So she became Daisy. A name which somehow suited her little flower like face.

Daisy came with the usual fleas,ear mites and worms. Eventually we rectified these problems, but oh for Program and that other great stuff we have nowadays. It meant lots of baths and flea powder before we got it licked. I think the fleas got into our carpet as I had lots of problems after that.

Daisy was quite a timid little cat. She rarely went outside and never to my knowledge crossed the street. She was quite happy in her little secure world. She became quite devoted to me and seemed determined to keep me in her sight. As she grew up we realized she would always be small. My thought about her being the runt of the litter was probably correct.

She went about with us on our holidays and always stayed out of trouble. Unlike Shadow who seemed to cause a bit of a stir wherever he went. I guess she took lessons from Junior whose motto was "Never stray far from the food bowl and you will be all right." Like all my Siamese cats she was a frugal eater. One can only have one cat that is a total glutton in the house. Junior always won out in that respect. She did seem to have difficulty getting down a tree once she was up it. A not unusual cat talent. We had a stand of large tall Cedars in our back garden and when quite young she decided to climb up one. I noticed her absence and found her meowing quite pitifully to be helped. Luckily we had a nice big ladder and Dana went up and she sat on his shoulder as he brought her down. Her escapades were few really, but one event stands out. Daisy was now a mature 2 year old and well established in our house and garden. I used to go jogging quite regularly and one sunny Saturday I set off up the street only to find myself accompanied by a large dog. A sort of Blue Heeler type dog. Quite friendly, but determined to come along for the run. I decided that the easiest thing would be to go along with the dog so to speak. Well I had a nice run and came back to our house with the dog alongside. We had a fenced backyard with a gate and I made sure the gate was shut and told the dog to go home. I went up the outside spiral staircase that led up to our deck and the door to the kitchen. I saw Daisy on the deck taking in the sunshine. Then a few minutes later I heard an unearthly screech-yowl-banshee sound. I looked down the staircase to see the dog . Daisy just leapt from halfway up and landed on the surprised dogs flank. He let out a howl and shook Daisy off and leapt back over the gate and hurtled up the street still howling, never to be seen again. Well I was proud of Daisy. Such a little guard cat she was. I felt rather sorry for the dog but could do nothing about it. Hope he got home all right. So when needed Daisy could be quite assertive, but generally her main thing was keeping a low profile.

We have some very sweet photos of her sitting on the dining room table helping Dana with his homework and some of her playing with the beastie boys. All in all she was definitely a great cat. I guess each one is special and when they are no longer with us we still feel that tug at the heart strings when reminiscing about them. Daisy gave us love and fun in full measure.